Maliko 3T

Located in the secluded enclave of Maliko Gulch, Maliko 3T provides the ideal setting for the cultivation of, as the name suggests, the ti plant, tilapia, and the taro.  This beautiful site is not open to the public, but can be seen only by invitation of the owner, Tracy Stice.

This pond can be considered the “Mother Lode” of the White Nile tilapia on Maui, as Tracy brought the first whites to Maui from the Big Island many years ago.  The White Nile tilapia seems to be a superior breed in resistance to disease, size, beauty, and taste.

Tracy is not able to supply small fish to people, but is happy to sell large fish by the pound either for consumption or as breeders.  He will sell the White Niles for $5 per pound and the greenish browns ( species unknown ) for $3 per pound.

He has offered to actually give fish to people who want to breed the Whites on the basis that they return half the fry to him when they get to 2 inches.  The Aku  ( herons )  have been selectively eating all the white babies.

Tracy has two brothers who are now breeding the White Niles.  He had to separate the White Niles because they have been cross breeding.  They should have fry available by mid summer as the fish are already breeding.

Contact:  Tracy Stice, 808-281-5411,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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