Wesley Chun, PHD

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Wesley Chun is currently the Chief Science Officer at Grower’s Secret, Inc. (formerly Advanced Biological Research, ABR LLC) at the Puunene lab.  Previously he served as an associate professor of plant pathology and plant bacteriology at the University of Idaho where he taught an undergraduate course in biotechnology and an upper division plant pathology course.  He was also the Director of the Core Education Program at the University of Idaho.  Dr. Chun is recognized internationally as an expert in bacterial identification and food borne toxins. 

Dr. Chun is broadly trained in plant bacteriology, plant disease physiology, and molecular and physiological basis of disease in plants.  Dr. Chun received his Masters degree in plant pathology from the University of Hawaii developing a selective growth medium and an ELISA test for bacterial canker of tomatoes.  He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of California, Riverside, characterizing a new bacterial pathogen of tomatoes and characterizing chromosomally borne pathogenicity genes.  Dr. Chun then received additional training in bacterial genetics and molecular biology at the University of Missouri under Dr. A. K. Chatterjee.  In 1991, he joined the faculty at the University of Idaho as an associate professor.  His strong experience in teaching and developing novel academic programs for undergraduate college students developed at the University of Idaho. 

Dr. Chun has guided the research of several students that lead to discoveries in biological control.  These studies have resulted in several publications and two patents for biological control strains and a process for producing stable formulations of dried bacteria for biological control use.  For the past two years, he has served as the Director of the Core Education program at the University Program, which oversees the general education curriculum for over 1500 incoming freshmen and 4-6,000 upper division students.  He currently serves as a reviewer for several national and international journals, USDA research programs, and serves as a food borne fungal/bacterial toxin expert for the NSA Homeland Security office.  Dr. Chun has several publications, the most notable being the "Laboratory Guide for the Identification of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria."  Co-edited with Jeff Jones and Norm Schaad this manual serves as the definitive source for bacteriologists world-wide for plant bacteriology.

Dr. Chun has graciously offered his expertise, as time permits, to help small farmers on Maui.

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